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PAST THEIR PRIME awarded a CINE Golden Eagle!!

I had intended to update this blog much sooner to tell you all about the Bronze Plaque that PTP was awarded through the Chris Awards at the Columbus International Film + Video Festival. I will write soon about that and my visit to the festival. But because it’s timely, and I can’t hold it in, I’m excited to announce that Past Their Prime was just awarded a 2012 CINE Golden Eagle in the Student Documentary division.

One of two Fall 2012 recipients, it is now eligible for the special jury prize. But I’m perfectly happy and completely honored that we have made it this far. This honor is unexpected and appreciated and I cannot believe that my film is amongst the illustrious bank of Golden Eagle alumni.

I’ll keep you updated on any future activity with CINE, until then, don’t hesitate to check out the official announcement on CINE’s website: CINE Golden Eagle Website

You can also check them out on facebook: CINE Facebook Page

Thank you for all of your support!



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